Are You Highly Skilled But Not Earning Enough? Do This…

Are You Highly Skilled But Not Earning Enough?
Do This…
1.) Talk about it on your social media
2.) Post your case studies and drafts
3.) Make irresistible offers to close your prospects
4.) Ask your customers to refer you
Rinse & repeat to build a steady clientele/cashflow
1.) Talk about it on your social media
When you talk about what you do on social media, people who have interest will listen. You may not get enough engagement but trust me, they’re seeing your content. Forget about likes, shares and comments. It will shock you to know that a lot of people are seeing your posts but keep ignoring it. Consider mixing it up to see what works best for your audience. You might want to pick a particular social media and focus creating content on it to see what works best. Try out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to see what gives you the best feedback then go from there. Keep creating content & in time, you’d be known for that service as an authority. Once you’ve reached authority status, you’re on! It’s game time – your word in that industry becomes law and whatever you say will be taken quite seriously. At first, it might be tough but over time, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor in this.
2.) Post your case studies and drafts
People want to be sure you know what you’re doing. So post your work, post earning screenshots, post drafts and work in progress. Building in public also builds your trust as most of your audience get to see what you do and how you do it. When you sell stuff, they will see you as trustworthy because they’ve seen the inner workings of your system and what’s in it for them. Carry your audience along on what you’re doing, build in public. It gives you more credibility
3.) Make irresistible offers to close your prospects
One thing that will make you money with regards to what you sell is your ability to create hard-to-refuse offers
If you can create a Godfather offer of your services, you will get paid more than ever before. Consider adding bonuses and complementary products to your main offer then giving it away at a reduced price. This type offer is called Value stacking and can skyrocket your sales. Everyone is looking to get a good deal in the marketplace. If your offer looks like a steal and feels too good to be true, best believe that a lot of people will consider going for it. Check your value and find things you can give away freely to your audience without costing you much in return.
4.) Ask your customers to refer you
Yeah! Ask your current customers for referrals. If they loved using your service, they can easily do you a favor
Referrals are social proof that your work is good. When you deliver on referred projects, your clientele increases so try to deliver. Post customer testimonials, reviews, and other sort of feedback. People will patronize you more when there’s a lot of positive recommendation about your services. Referrals are proof that you know what you’re doing and are to be trusted.
5.) Upskill and diversify
A point will come when you will have to improve your skills and possibly learn other things as well. When you get to this point, you might want to move from being a freelancer to starting an agency. You might want to acquire skills in sales, marketing, advertising, closing and the likes.
6.) Finally, consider investing in paid traffic and upgrading your client acquisition & retention strategies
Paid traffic will put more eyeballs on your business. If you’re someone who wants to scale and earn more from your services, you will need to scale vertically and horizontally. By this, I mean, you will need to charge higher and also get more people to know about the services you offer. Paid ads is one way to make this happen. You can invest in Facebook ads, Google Ads, Youtube ads or even Instagram ads.
7.) Build your client retention strategies
It’s not enough to acquire clients, you also need a means to retain them on a long term basis. This is where learning customer retention is important for the future of your business. Build an email list and create a customer LTV plan – this is also known as a customer Long Term Value cycle. Build several products that can be offered to clients in different layers. You could have low priced products, mid-range products, one-on-one coaching and private masterminds. All these packages will have different fees attached to them and will earn you more long term.

If you’re looking to start an agency leveraging your digital skills, also consider doing the following:

Excellent Customer Service: Delivering outstanding customer service is essential for organic growth. Word-of-mouth recommendations for your business are more likely to occur if you have happy clientele who will do so.

Building relationships and networking: Establish trusting bonds with customers, partners, and other professionals in the field. Engage with your audience on social media, go to networking events, and join organizations that are related to your sector.

Create informative and useful material that will benefit potential customers and highlight your skills. Improve your agency’s reputation and draw inbound leads with content marketing on blogs, videos, and social media.

SEO and online visibility: To raise your website’s ranking, optimize it for search engines. By doing this, you will become more visible online and make it simpler for potential customers to find you.

Adaptability and Continuous Learning: Keep up with market developments and always advance your education. Your agency will remain relevant and competitive by being able to adjust to changes in the market and customer needs.

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Effective Communication: Improve your communication abilities to better comprehend the needs and expectations of your clients. For successful service delivery, good communication with clients, team members, and partners is essential.

Effectively manage projects to fulfil deadlines and produce high-quality results. Strong project management guarantees that your company remains dependable and provides services on schedule.

Data tracking and analysis: Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, website, and customer interactions with data analytics. You may evaluate the success of your strategy and pinpoint areas that need improvement by analysing data.

Building Your Brand: Make an investment in creating a memorable brand identity that appeals to your target market. A strong brand can draw clients and distinguish your company from rivals.

It’s important to keep in mind that organic growth takes time and work, and there may be ups and downs along the road. Keep trying to improve your services and offerings while being devoted and patient.

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