20 Ways to Make More Money as a Pastor in 2023

Make More Money as a Pastor in 2023

Being a pastor isn’t a reason to be broke and out of money. From biblical times, the men called for the gospel had something they did for a living on the side. As a pastor in 2023, there are a number of things you can do to earn money and live well while you propagate the gospel.

A lot of pastors lack money and struggle to live decent lives especially in cases where they’re not getting enough financial support and resources from their flock. If you’re a pastor in 2023, this shouldn’t be your portion, amen?


Now, the thing you must know is that, the content on this page isn’t exclusive to pastors, it can work for anyone who is ready to execute fully to the end. Are you that person?

Read on to learn how you can earn more money as a pastor in 2023. Some of these ways are internet-based business models while others are things you can do off the internet.

Shall we begin?


  • Public Speaking

Personally, I love speaking to people on subject matters that I’m quite knowledgeable about. Public speaking comes naturally to certain people. If you’re one of those people who are natural-born speakers, this is great for you. However, if you’re not, then there’s a need for you to learn how it works and consider making a career out of it.

As a pastor, you already have what it takes to speak to people. You can do a check on organizations that handle events, and apply to be a speaker at certain events. As you gain popularity and experience, you will likely get rewarded at the end of each session.

Visit a site like Eventbrite.com to check for upcoming events, get the contact details of event organizers and write them offering to speak at their events. Some of these events have open slots and sometimes, the speakers they are expecting do not show up. You might get lucky.

Topics you can speak on will revolve around different areas of human interest. Consider learning more about things like self-development, finance, relationships, the economy, parenting, marriage, leadership, etc.

Speak to your friends and contacts in the ministry for referrals. Connect with people you know to speak at weddings, burials, and other events as well. In time, you can charge a decent fee as your gain expertise, poise and make a name for yourself! Public speaking pays really well when you’re known to speak transformation and impact into existence. You can start charging per time spent as your clientele improves.


  • Master of Ceremony gigs

Just like getting into Public speaking, becoming a Master of Ceremony or MC as it is popular called can be a great source of income for pastors in 2023. If you are humorous and can make a crowd move, even better for you!

You can host events, get-togethers, ceremonies and any other sort of human gathering. Charge a fee per time or depending o the kind of clients you have.

  • Consult and coaching services

Consider offering coaching or consulting services to people from different walks of life depending on their interests. Offer life coaching, relationship and marriage coaching, family coaching and business consulting as the case may be. People need coaching in diverse topics and as long as it impacts human endeavors, there will be interest in your services when the word goes round. Start with members of your flock, do it for free and eventually put it out there on social media networks.


  • Write a Book

Becoming an author of an interesting book title is a great way to make money as a pastor. Consider writing a book on core topics that have a lot of human interests. When you write a book and get it published, automatically, you become an author. If the book happens to become a best-seller, you will make tons of money from it.


  • Create an online course

Being a pastor can make you a resource pool of knowledge on certain topics. Just like writing a book confers an author title on you and gives you lifetime branding as an authority, creating an online course can also do the same.

Consider creating a course on preaching, bible topics, self development, spirituality, and counseling and promote it through social media. A lot of people are looking to learn something new online and putting your course out there is a sure way of getting it in the hands of many people.

Social media handles like Tiktok and Instagram are great for promoting stuff. After creating your course, create an account on any of these platforms and promote short interesting video clips talking about the course or different aspects of the topic it covers.

Creating an online course doesn’t cost a ton of money which is the good thing about it. Once you master the basics, it becomes an easy process as long as you know the subject matter. An online course usually pays for itself in a few days with little running costs through its lifetime.

A successful online course can earn you any figure from $300 a month upwards to thousands of dollars a month.


  • Start Ecommerce business

A pastor can start an ecommerce business selling faith-based products that people love. Consider books, Christian gifts, recorded sermons and messages. Use platforms like Shopify, Amazon and Etsy to sell your products. Ecommerce retail business can make you a lot of money if properly set up. A bit of coaching might be needed so consider taking a course on running an Ecommerce business on Shopify or Amazon.


  • Start a career coaching business

Just like regular counseling, a career coaching can help people to perform excellently in their field. Career coaching can be in the form of online courses and mentorships, one-on-one coaching and team training.

Banks, multinational companies and large corporations also hire career coaches for their staff from time to time. With their right certifications and contacts, a pastor can start a budding career coaching business that will bring more revenue into their life.


  • Run a freelance business

Having a digital skill is a plus in this age and time, pastors who are skilled can make money offering their services to individuals and businesses. Online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Peopleperhour offer a market place where sellers of services can meet buyers of services to trade. The platform charges a commission from both parties as a third party.

Digital skills and services like Writing, Facebook ad setup, Virtual assistance, Data entry, Copywriting, Audio editing, Video editing, etc are highly sought out by business owners. Pastors can also use content writing to attract people who are interested in these services and sell to them to make money.


  • Start a Podcast on Spirituality

A podcast on spirituality can attract a lot of people who become an audience to a pastor. Monetization can be in the form of advertizing, selling merchandise, affiliate marketing and sponsorship offers. Content for the podcast can be in the form of sermons, personal experiences, guest interviews, counseling sessions, etc.

To build an audience, share with your congregation and encourage them to spread the word. Also, share on social media consistently to grow a following.


  • Start a Traveling Service

As a pastor, starting a traveling service can be very rewarding. This traveling company will cater to consulting services, group tours and private travel packages. Sell tickets, plan trips and set up lodging offers for clients traveling to different locations. Starting a travel service costs a couple of dollars and can make you thousands of dollars a month which makes it an ideal business model that a significant number of pastors can start with ease.


  • A Sleep product business

Prioritizing health is something everyone needs to do to live a healthier lifestyle. Due to the health benefits of sleep, there are many sleep products that can turn decent to massive profits for anyone who deals in them. Pastors can go into ecommerce business models that deal in selling sleep products and make sweet profits.

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  • Start an Email marketing agency

Running a digital agency as a pastor will gradually build momentum and become truly profitable. Churches need a good bit of email marketing to keep in touch with their congregation members. As a pastor armed with digital skills, consider offering email marketing services to other churches that also need to reach their audiences with the gospel and other church materials.

An email marketing agency manages client email lists, sends out emails, creates email content and gets the best of client marketing and information dissemination using specific email marketing software.


  • Start a Christian Youtube Channel

Pastors can create a monetized Youtube channel where they preach sermons and discuss the gospel. Money can be made through this business model by getting paid by Youtube, affiliate marketing and selling digital products and ad spaces. Running a Youtube channel involves several technical aspects which might include script writing, video and audio editing and graphic design.

Pastors can reach a greater number of their audience by building their Youtube audience and make money off of them. Earnings from Youtube channels can go as high as $36,000 a year to $3,000,000 a year. Youtubers like Jake Paul, KSI and Mr Beast are making a ton of money from their channels and you could easily be one of them as a Pastor.


  • Start a Content Marketing Business

As a content marketing business, the pastor offers the creation of content for brands including churches that need content strategy, ideation, creation and dissemination. There’s a need to create content that represents the brand and resonates with its audience or customers too. A content marketing business will need writers, content idea strategists, editors.


  • Start a Clothing Apparel line

Gospel-themed designs on a clothing line brand are one of the best business models a pastor can go into. It aligns with a pastor’s faith and reduces any chances of guilt. A partnership with a clothing manufacturer who can handle production, branding and shipping is a sure-fire way to start earning good money from selling clothing apparel as a pastor. This business requires a bit of money to get started so consider a budget of around $1000 or more minimum.


  • Set Up a Cleaning Business

Cleaning services will always be in vogue because keeping the environment clean is something we can’t do without as adults. A pastor can start a simple cleaning service that will fetch decent income on a regular basis. The cleaning can be delegated to cleaners who earn a commission per job completed.

Running this business is easy once there’s a steady network of clients who need some cleaning done. Marketing of the business is important and can be done by word of mouth, sending out flyers in the neighborhood, and influencer marketing. Investing in equipment like cleaning solutions, brushes, mops, buckets and vacuum cleaners are part of what it takes to run a successful cleaning service. Start-up capital can be as low as $2000 and your chances of success will still be significant.


  • Start a Photography Business

Taking stunning pictures of life, humans and everything else is a skill-set that a lot of people will pay you to have a shot. Properly-positioned, a photography brand isn’t cheap and generates a lot of money for its owner. The more high level and advanced a photo studio is the more its clientele will perceive it as world-class and therefore, pay more. A pastor can invest in quality photography tools and techniques that can push their services to greater heights.

A quality camera, a studio and several other paraphernalia are essential for setting up a cash-generating photography business that will make you a ton of money as a pastor. Use word of mouth marketing, referrals, after-service announcements, social media marketing to put the word about your business and you will be surprised at how fast your business will blow up. In addition, consider nicheing down to product photography which is a very profitable aspect of running a photography agency. Starting a photography business can cost as little as $3,000 upwards.


  • Go Into Software Development

Being a pastor doesn’t stop you from learn skills like software development which is very lucrative in this age. Within 6 months to a year, a pastor can learn one or several development languages. An average front end or backend developer can earn at least $100,000 plus a year. This is really good money and comes up to $10, 000 a month which puts you in the top 1% of earners in the whole world.

Software development is a territory that a lot of people are not delving into so by going into, you’re likely to stand out and get your footing without much delay. Alternatively, you can launch your own software and make good money from users either as one-time offers or monthly recurring revenue.

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  • Start a Jewelry Brand

Humans will always love jewelry and it’s up to you to leverage on this demand to create a business that earns you money. How?

Decide on a type of jewelry that sells probably cosmetic jewelry then partner with specific manufacturers to take care of production and shipping. Your focus should be on promoting your new jewelry products crazily through every medium you have access to. Consider making your jewelry Christian-themed to attract Christians who will love to own your products. Starting a jewelry brand will cost less than $3000.


  • Start a Self-Improvement Podcast

Running a podcast can be an easy to make money as a preacher. As someone who commands an audience already it’s easy to transition into turning some sermons into podcast or simply recording fresh podcasts on a variety of topics that touch several levels of endeavor in humans. Share your podcast amongst your congregation and on all social media channels. To spread the word even further, a bit of influencer marketing can build your podcast audience size considerably.

Monetize your podcast by selling useful spiritual products, counseling sessions and other stuff that people need. Podcasting is easy to start and might not require a lot of money to get it kicking.


Final Words

Making more money as a pastor in 2023 isn’t as difficult as it appears at first once you know what you’re doing and have the right information. There are many options available for you to pick one and give it your best shot to get results.

Are you ready to take action?

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