16 Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly Online

There are several ways to make money quickly online by anyone regardless of experience. Some of these methods require starting with money, other methods require little to no money to get started. If you have a digital skill, the higher your chances of starting an online business with zero capital.

In this post, we have discussed 25 easy ways to make money quickly online. Go ahead to check out this post, save areas of the article where you find valuable and share with family and friends.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online even without any capital. Getting started is as simple as registering on an affiliate platform, picking hot products that people love and recommending it to them to check it out.

Some really great affiliate marketing platforms include JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Expertnaire, Digitstem, etc. Some companies also offer affiliate programs to reward their users with a way to earn money. Brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, Getresponse, Semrush and several others have affiliate marketing as part of their money-making strategy.

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Business

This is one of the best online businesses that anyone can start without spending a dime. With Amazon KDP business, you can publish books on the Kindle store and make money from sales of the book. The Amazon platform receives millions of visitors daily and has a lot of huge market base who are ready to buy.

Amazon KDP involves a bit of strategy to make the most out of it. From choosing a good niche, to picking a great book title, designing great eBook covers, content, formatting and using the high search intent keywords, a good deal of research is needed to be successful of it. A great resources pool for learning how Amazon KDP works is through YouTube.

Would you love to get started with Amazon KDP business?

  • Work on Fiverr and Upwork

Fiverr and Upwork are the biggest freelance platforms in the world where buyers of services come to hire sellers of services. There are a ton of services that a person can offer on these platforms to get paid handsomely.

Offer services like writing, translating, digital marketing, creating video, audio voiceovers and graphic design to clients who need them. If you have a digital or technical skill, get on Fiverr or Upwork, set up an account and optimize your profile to attract clients. Over time, you will make a good deal of money as you gain experience in the field.


  • Flipping Domains

Domain flipping is a decent business model where you can buy a domain at a low cost and sell it (or flip it) at a higher price. Domains typically cost a low price apart from prime domains which can cost a ton of money. The domains to be bought need to have a high search keyword to make it as profitable as possible to those who need them.

Buy domains from domain hosting companies like GoDaddy.com, Hostinger.com, Namcheap.com and several other brands like them.

  • Sell Information on Something You Know

This business model is also known as Information Marketing business or Infoproduct Marketing business. It involves creating an information resource in the form of a book, PDF, video course, membership platform which you can sell to a specific audience of people who need that information. By selling information on what you know very well. A lot of people who have an interest would wwant to buy it.

Info product Marketing can be done successfully using different strategies. Webinar sessions, Whatsapp and Telegram marketing, email marketing and organic outreach and launch are some ways to make solid figures through.

  • Micro jobs

Micro jobs are legitimate online money making opportunity where a person gets paid for performing certain tasks as instructed by the employer. Examples of Micro jobs include online surveys, paid-to-read, sales contents, paid to click tasks.

Micro job platforms do not pay huge sums like regular gig marketplaces but workers get enough to stay motivated and get by. The more jobs completed, the higher a worker earns on these platforms. Some good examples include SwagBucks, TaskRabbit, InboxDollars and GigBucks.

  • Start a Youtube Channel

You may wish to also start a Youtube channel where you post interesting videos based on a particular niche. There are a good number of topics that people are interested in right now in time. Consider niches like Boxing, Mystery, MMA, Football, Basketball, Movies, etc

If you get to have a lot of subscribers, lots of views and watch time, your channel can become a part of the Youtube Partner Program where you get paid every month.


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  • Sell T-shirts Online

T-shirts are a hot commodity for a number of reasons. They’re easy to wear, aren’t expensive and can accept custom designs. With an online store based on Shopify or Woocommerce, selling print-on-demand t-shirts is a straight-forward process once you get a good manufacturer and a system that works best for you. Everyone wears t-shirts at some point in their live, it’s a matter of when. By selling t-shirts, you can make a lot of good money from this business model.

  • Crypto-trading

This particular way to make money online might be a bit tasking at first to learn due to the nature of the many different elements involved. You will have to learn how to buy crypto and trade it profitably to make money using charts. Typically, the most stable crypto coins to buy for trading are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. You might want to take a course on crypto-trading before getting started to avoid losing your hard-earned money in this venture.

  • Generate customers for hotels and vacation spots

This is an interesting business model that works by receiving traffic from online searches and directing it to hotels and vacation centers. Travelers and tourists on a trip to a new town are always on the search for good hotels and amazing deals. Most hotels do not have a dedicated staff manning the internet to harness this resource.

A good way to make money from this business model is to liaise with the hotel management to get a commission on each customer you successfully bring them then set up Google My Business for hotels that do not have a presence or manage GMB for businesses that do. Include your email and contact number and add your commission to the going rate. People who search for hotels or recreation spots in that city will get in touch with you while searching online.

  • Sell Tutorials on Interesting Topics

Similar to selling information, selling tutorials basically involves providing individuals interested in a certain field access to training on that topic. Usually, it’s expected that you will already be an authority in this field in order to teach it. These tutorials can be in the form of videos or power point slides. Host your tutorials on Selar, Teachable, Udemy, Cousera and other similar platforms. Share links to your tutorials on your social media profile, ask friends to share too. Over time, you can invest in running ads to build a list and reach even more people.

  • Get Paid Reviewing Music Online

As an online music reviewer, you can get paid on platforms like Slicethepie.com. Usually, a registered individual gets to review unsigned artists and bands online and you get paid for each session of review. This simple online business model is as simple as it sounds. More music reviewed means more cash earned overall.

  • Social Media Management

A lot of busy people have social media accounts that they can barely have time for. Brands, companies, politicians and other people of note often need help with managing their social media accounts. This is where the services of a social media manager is needed.

Social media managers will create content calendars, create and post content, reply to comments and inquiries and send reports to the account owners on a schedule. Typically, social media management is a monthly service that is on-going until the account owner decides otherwise. Payment is often made monthly to the management provider as well.

  • Website and Software Tester

Getting paid to test software is a great way to earn in dollars per testing done. All you have to do is sig up on specific sites, do a 20-30 minute review and get paid for it.

UserTesting and TestingTime are 2 great sites where an individual can register, review websites and software and get paid for it.

  • Stock Trading

Buying and selling stock is a great decent way to make money quickly online once you’ve learned how it works and master more than the basics. A good number of people avoid trading due to its associated the risks.  But this begs the question, is there any business that has no risk in it?

I think the answer to this question is clear and simple.

Every business, whether online or offline has risks involved. It’s left for an individual to decide on the level of risk they can deal with. Stock trading platforms include Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, eToro, Chipperscash and Bamboo. Start-up capital can be as low as $10.

  • Forex Trading

Apart from trading stocks and crypto, one other commodity to trade is foreign exchange – forex. Typically, a trader buys a currency when low, checks their chart to see when it’s likely to go up and sells it to make profit. Alternatively, a trader can sell a currency to another one when it’s most favorable to do so.

Forex trading requires training and demo trading to become good at it. Once an individual masters Forex trading, making money from it is almost like printing money. Trading platforms include FTMO, Exness, and FTXM among others.


Did you enjoy learning these 16 easy ways to make money quickly online? Pick one that appeals the most to you and run with it. Write us to let us know what you think!


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