9 Best Ways to Earn Money from Tiktok in 2024

The advent of video content on social media has increased the rate at which people come on social media. Everywhere you look, there’s a video reel playing something funny, entertaining, interesting or eve shocking.

More and more people are engaged than ever on their social media accounts. Marketers have not been left out as they’ve taken it upon themselves to target these huge virtual gathering of people online to sell products and services.

Social media giants have fine-tuned their advertising systems to help sellers showcase their offers to people who need them. Brands like Tiktok have ridden on this success story to grow a social media platform dedicated solely to the creation and sharing of entertaining video content with audiences.

Thanks to Tiktok’s massive virality when it comes to video content, creators can now make money from their content on Tiktok.

Today, we are glad to share these 9 best ways to make money from Tiktok in 2024 with you.

Please note that you need several thousands of followers on your Tiktok to be able to earn the most out of it. Fortunately, going viral on Tiktok is easy as any video can turn out to be the magic wand that will lead to your social media fame. The more views your video gets, the more followers you will likely get as well. Consistency is king when it comes to gaining followers on Tiktok.

Here are the 9 best ways to earn money from Tiktok in 2024

  • Earn from sponsored posts

One really lucrative means of earning on Tiktok is by getting sponsored post deals from big brands. This can only happen when you have a huge amount of followers who engage massively in your content. If as a creator, you have a niche account targeted at a certain type of product or service, big brand will approach you.

User Generated Content or UGC videos are a hot type of content where the creator can use a brand’s product/service and talk about it to their audience. This type of content generates a lot of influence for brands and the creator gets to be rewarded handsomely if well done.

Sponsorship posts are great and will pay creators when big brands are attracted to the type of content created.

  • Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you don’t have to own the product. Simply recommend a person’s product to your audience and when they buy through special referral link, you earn a commission. People with large followings can make a lot of money by recommending products under an affiliate program. One good video in your niche targeted at your audience can generate a lot of affiliate income for you when the product is a wonderful one.

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  • Promote your own products to your audience

As your account grows and you get more brand visibility and diverse followers interested in your content, a creator can easily sell a business offer or service and make money. If you’re a creative, selling services like writing, video editing, designing, web and mobile development, etc can be a profitable way to earn from your Tiktok account.

Share links to your Upwork or Fiverr account with showcases of your work. Use trending hashtags and sounds to enhance virality. Reaching more people with Tiktok content is easier than ever before in 2024, thanks to the powerful Tiktok algo.

  • Become a member of the Tiktok Creator Fund

This method of earning was designed by the Tiktokplatform to reward content creators with engaging followership. To qualify for the Tiktok Creator Fund, you must be 18 years old minimum, have up to 10,000 followers and a minimum of 100,000 views on your videos in the past 30 days.

Creators can earn from $20 upwards per one million views on a video. The more millions of views you have per video created, the higher the amount you earn from the platform.

  • Earn money by selling products through Tiktok Shop

Like Facebook Marketplace, Facebook has Tiktok Shop where merchants can list their products for sale on the app. As a creator, you can earn money listing your own products and selling them to your audience.

Alternatively, you can also partner with Tiktok Shop brands to promote their products and get paid as an affiliate. Viewers can easily see link to a product you’re promoting on your Tiktok Live and shop from there.

  • Earn money from collecting tips on Tiktok Live

Using a third party tips collecting app like Buy Me Coffee and Ko-Fi, creators can make money from collecting tips from fans and viewers. A creator can receive any amount money from their followers through this feature. People with an engaged large following will typically earn more money from Tips than through Donations where Tiktok charges a hefty 50% on sum earned.

  • Get paid through Donations on Tiktok Live

Creators can access the Live feature on Tiktok when they reach a landmark of 1000 followers. This feature makes it possible to stream content to your followers live. Donations can be received from your viewers during a Live session, thanks to Tiktok’s native gift receiving channel.

Creators can exchange their gifts for diamonds which are worth 50% of the value of the gift. Earning from donations is less profitable compared to getting paid from collecting tips from Tiktok through your private link.

  • Earn money from Tiktok Rewards

Unlike collecting Tips and receiving Donations, a creator can also earn money from referring friends to the Tiktok app and get paid on Tiktok Rewards. This earning feature requires several parameters to be met before you earn from it.

Creators must have thousands of followers and the new users must truly be new. In addition, they must not have an account on Tiktok before, never downloaded the app on their device, must be up to 18 years and must be in the same country as the creator.

Earnings are usually in the form of gift cards, money and other resources that can be interchanged with money through the platform.

  • Sell your branded merchandize

With a decently sized following that engages your content avidly, you can make money by selling branded products to them. Perhaps you have several taglines, motto, or logo unique to your brand, selling merchandize branded with these elements can turn into a profitable venture for you.

Anyone or a combination of a few of these 9 ways can earn you money decently from Tiktok. As a creator on the platform, earning cash from your hard work can go a long way in motivating you to keep churning out content, engage with your audience, and keeping the platform alive.

Which options appeals to you and why?

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